Hydramist solutions for saunas require no manual intervention and are automatically operated in the event of fire.

Highly compact, the system comprises a water mist nozzle positioned over the sauna heater and a wall-mounted pump measuring just 64cm high. The pump can be located up to 20 metres from the sauna and requires only a 20-amp power supply. The pump is fed by the mains water and does not need a separate water tank.

Hydramist Nozzle Discharge

Hydramist nozzles are thermally activated, so there is no risk of false alarms from steam or aromatic vapours. If the temperature in the sauna rises above a pre-defined level, the nozzle sends a signal to activate the pump. The pump then propels water at high pressure through small diameter pipes to the nozzle, which emits an ultra-fine water mist. Each water particle is a thousand times smaller than a regular water droplet. These atomised water particles are drawn directly to the point of fire, to rapidly combat fire, smoke and heat. The unparalleled cooling properties of high pressure watermist also prevent re-ignition of fires. Smoke damage is minimized, and small amounts of water residue are normally dry in under an hour, so your sauna can quickly be back in action.

Installation and types of use

With its compact size, Hydramist is ideal for saunas in residential premises, as well as commercial environments, such as hotels, spa facilities and sports centres. Hydramist is entrusted by gym networks including Fitness First and David Lloyd throughout the UK and Europe, as well as hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn.

Sauna with a hydramist nozzle

Installation into existing saunas is fast and normally takes less than a day. As the small-bore stainless-steel piping used is 12mm in diameter, there is minimum disruption during fitting.

For more information, please visit https://www.watermist.com/en/products/saunas-leisure-industry/

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