In the end of September almost 200 people gathered together in Jyväskylä to talk about the Finnish sauna experience in the international markets. World Sauna Forum provided interesting talks and topics, memorable encounters, and a warm atmosphere with shared excitement towards the sauna. In addition to the wide representation of Sauna from Finland network, guests from 10 different countries visited the event. World Sauna Forum also raised a lot interested among the international media representatives, who interviewed many people and experienced the varied aspects of the Finnish sauna.

The event exceeded the expecations and even lead to four new companies joining Sauna from Finland network as international members. Welcome Seth Ascetic from Taiwan, Nordic Sauna from the USA, Metos from Japan and ALATI from Germany!

Seth Ascetic is a Taiwanese company based in Taichung offering health-related services to its clients.  All of these services are designed with health and fitness firmly in mind, and they include a Finnish sauna experience, which will soon be audited by Sauna from Finland for the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate.

Nordic Sauna has been manufacturing sauna baths for over 50 years in California, USA. They also import sauna heaters factory direct from Finland. In addition the company provides sauna accessories from thermometers to sauna rocks.

Metos is a Japanese multicompany based in Tokyo. The company recently opened the first sauna shop in Japan ’Sauna Soppi’ at Akishima-city. Sauna Soppi sells many Finnish sauna products such as Osmia’s soaps and shampoos, Jokipiin Pellava’s linen and KOLO Sauna’s buckets and ladles.

ALATI is a Germany based online sauna shop that sells sauna products and accessories. The shop stocks all the products one needs for the real Finnish sauna experience from cosmetics to linen and scents.

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