Even during these unusual times, Sauna from Finland is constantly contacted from around the world. People want to build authentic Finnish saunas to their hotels, spas and homes.

Authentic, high-quality, versatile. Finnish sauna experience and expertise are a globally required services. Everyone wants to understand what makes us Finns the happiest nation in the world. Finnish sauna is a perfect solution in the global 4.5 trillion dollar wellness markets.

Many spas and hotels have saunas, and some of them are titled as Finnish ones. Unfortunately these saunas are often dry and hot without possibility to throw water on the sauna stove to create gentle warm humidity, löyly. Consumers look for multisensory and relaxing experiences. Authentic and high-quality Finnish sauna solutions respond to these needs. 

Contacts around the world

Sauna from Finland network aims to create authentic Finnish sauna experiences around the world. The network wants to correct misunderstandings about sauna and replace the”Finnish saunas” which have been built the wrong way. The goal is to design and build big entireties in the global markets.

“This year alone we’ve received contacts from 17 countries and they keep coming daily regardless of these exceptional times. Big spas and hotels currently develop their services to match the needs of returning customers. Individuals are renovating their homes and want to have something that the world’s happiest people have,” says International Marketing Expert Satu Freyberg from Sauna from Finland.

During the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, companies of the network have made multiple significant deals with help of Sauna from Finland. Salvos, which builds log buildings and saunas, and its subsidiary, mobile-sauna building company Lapelland, got their saunas to Taiwan acquired by Taiwan Sauna Association for glamping purposes. Hukka Design got their soapstone sauna and kitchen products to the biggest online store of Taiwan. Turnkey sauna builder Ripavi delivered a sauna to United States after Sauna from Finland connected them with a customer.

Saunastore, which delivers different kinds of sauna solutions, received a lead through Sauna from Finland about an customer who wanted to build a sauna next to his villa in Svalbard.

“Sauna from Finland connected me with a client who had made an exceptionally detailed drawing about what he wanted the sauna to be. We discussed about options, and in the end of this March I received amazing photos from Svalbard when the customer received the sauna delivery,” says Tapani Aho, CEO of Saunastore.

Saunastore’s delivery on its way to its destination in Svalbard.
Sauna from Finland supports the export of companies in the growing markets

Sauna from Finland develops Finnish sauna experiences globally to increase the export of its network companies. The association will publish the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook in May 2020. The Handbook is the number one tool for hotels, spas, health clubs, and other sauna service provides for designing and developing the services.

According to Freyberg, companies that have the ability and courage to take new challenges and seize the possibilities will succeed in the modern markets:

“Strong brand is the backbone that will turn investments into profit. Our network has a variety of different companies that believe in co-operation and want to market globally under Sauna from Finland brand. It’s time to make the world’s best sauna experiences accessible for everyone. “

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