Finnmark Ltd provides authentic and traditional Finnish sauna experiences to the Brits who were, and still in many ways are, used to bad sauna experiences.

The family-run, established and ambitious company was founded by two brothers, Jake and Max Newport, who were frustrated that so few saunas outside of Finland gave credence to the authentic Finnish sauna experience.
“Unfortunately, a lot of people’s experience of sauna in the UK is when they visit a health club. Many of those cheap, modular designs are not properly ventilated, they don’t have the right insulation or vapour sealing, and they have a hidden heater with no stones,” says Jake Newport, the Managing Director.
Jake used to work in Finland as a sales agent for high-quality sauna brands trying to sell equipment into the UK trade market. It soon became clear that his contacts weren’t overly interested in the highest of quality and durable equipment available because most of the facilities managers were more interested in cheaper options and sticking to budgets.

I don’t think enough spas or hotels in the UK know about how glorious a traditional Finnish sauna can be. When used properly, a sauna is a truly enjoyable, relaxing, and healthy experience that can be appreciated over the course of a few hours, not simply tolerated for 10 minutes after a workout

On a mission of education and endurance

Finnmark’s business mission is threefold: to help educate everyone on how to build and use a sauna properly, to show people how to get the most from a Finnish sauna, and finally to publicise the wide range of health benefits frequent sauna use brings. They build strictly to Finnish building standards because in the UK the building regulations concerning sauna construction are almost non-existent.

We’d like to keep pushing forward and build on our reputation for quality and authenticity. We want to be known as an internationally renowned brand and the premium choice. We won’t sway from our unfaltering commitment to the truly authentic Finnish experience.

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