Only 45 minutes away from the rush of Helsinki capital area, Hawkhill Cottage Resort offers luxury relaxation and accommodation. A high-quality, and more importantly, an environmentally friendly sauna experience is now part of the cottage holiday. The sauna service has just received the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate.

Credit: Otto Virtanen

Hawkhill gets the NATURE & GARDEN, Cottage Quality Certificate for its high-quality cottage sauna experiences. Customer can order an amazing log cottage or villa for example for a meeting or for relaxation and refreshment. All Hawkhill cottages have their own garden and beach. Plunging into the lake or an ice hole from the hotness of sauna makes the experience authentic. It is unbelievable that the surrounding nature at Hawkhill is not far away from the capital area.

“Hawkhill Cottage Resort has committed to develop and cherish the quality of the sauna experience. We are part of the Sauna from Finland network and from there we have found precious cooperation partners and a lot of information of saunas and sauna bathing,” explains entrepreneur Annu Huotari.

Other members of Sauna from Finland creating the Hawkhill’s cottage sauna experience are for example Lapuan Kankurit, Huliswood, Osmia, Nystad Sauna Company, and KOLO Sauna. Harvia Linear 22 GreenFlame with cleaner burning was chosen as the new sauna stove. Entrepreneur wanted to include products and manufacturers in the sauna experience that represent responsibility. She wants to have environmental friendliness in the center of service.

Numerous options around Finland for sauna bather looking for high-quality

Although cottage sauna is one of the most traditional ways to sauna bathe, Hawkhill Cottage Resort is the first service provider to receive the NATURE & GARDEN, Cottage Quality Certificate. The previously certified destinations are mostly hotel saunas and other public saunas. Executive Director of Sauna from Finland, Carita Harju, is happy that the variety of high-quality sauna experiences is becoming larger which offers more options for different sauna bathers to enjoy. See here all the quality certified sauna destinations.

It is great that we got a new quality criterion because of Hawkhill’s development process. We believe that customers will demand more from cottage saunas in the future. The certificate is an indication for customers that the sauna service focuses on memorability and safety.

Sauna at Villa Maria/ Credit: Ville Matinmäki

Sauna service companies can apply for the quality certificate for example for their bookable sauna services or for customer saunas. Saunas can also be just one part of company’s service package. The certified sauna experience might include multiple saunas, but the certificate covers the whole experience.

There are four different categories for quality certified destinations:

  1. URBAN
  3. SPA, and
  4. UNIQUE destinations.

Each category has its own quality label. The quality certificate is renewed every other year because the experience service should be continuously developed and maintained.

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