The increased popularity of wellness and nature experiences has lead to sales growth of yard and mobile saunas. Sauna from Finland constantly gets contacts from around the world about different kinds of outdoor sauna solutions.

The year 2020 was successful for the Finnish sauna. The profit of the sauna and spa manufacturer Harvia exceeded all expectations, and other Finnish sauna companies witnessed a successful year, too. Tapio Pajuharju, the CEO of Harvia, says there’s still a lot room for growth in the global sauna markets valued approx. 1,5 billion, because the popularity of sauna can be expected to increase in the future (Talouselämä 1/2021).

The popularity of saunas is especially visible in the increased demand of yard and outdoor saunas. Home saunas started to grow rapidly in number when the pandemic hit, and sauna bathing combined with nature experiences is hotter ever. Sauna from Finland’s Head of International Marketing Satu Freyberg gets contacts and requests outside of Finland almost daily. Many want to know about different kinds of yard and mobile sauna options.

Last year we got contacts from over 40 countries, which included both traditional sauna markets (eg. Germany and Sweden) and new market areas, such as Jordania, Bangladesh, New Zealand and Maldives. Consumers are busy building saunas on their yards, but companies have also noted the business value of sauna and nature experiences,” Freyberg says.

People are asking about how to build a high-quality and memorable outdoor sauna experience and how to get the elements and saunas.”

Although indoor saunas are as common in Finland than outdoor ones, yard and mobile saunas are usually the only possible options outside for people outside the sauna country, as buildings are normally planned not to have a sauna inside. Mobile saunas attract those who cannot build a permanent sauna because of building regulations or want to take the sauna with them when going for a holiday. Mobile saunas also enable a more and more popular business of rentable saunas.

According to Freyberg, the popularity of outdoor saunas is still above all based on the increased lifestyle of health and wellbeing and sauna’s connection to nature. Tapio Pajuharju also emphasizes the combination of sauna, home and nature by stating that in the United States, yard saunas are referred to as the “paradises of back yards” (Talouselämä 1/2021).

Hetki Sauna
Hetki Sauna is the most recent newcomer in yard saunas.

Network with everything one needs for an outdoor sauna experience

For over a decade, Sauna from Finland has worked to increase the export and global visibility of the authentic Finnish sauna experience. The association’s has almost 200 company members from 17 different industries, and from those members approx. 40 seek opportunities in the global markets under the Sauna from Finland brand.

We have multiple exporting outdoor sauna companies as members and the amount is constantly growing. We are aware that consumers and businesses are looking for options, and we want to offer those with authenticity and quality. Some want to build their own yard saunas and are looking for elements, others are ready to buy turn-key solutions,” Freyberg says.

We aim for a versatile selection for every sauna environment and every taste. Our mission is to be the no. 1 sauna expertise network in the global markets.”

Freyberg emphasizes that in addition to serving sauna seeking customers, Sauna from Finland constantly looks for retailers and distributors who’d like to join the network and partner with Finnish companies in order to offer authentic Finnish sauna solutions in their home country.

Along with saunas, the network includes companies which export sauna bathing elements, such as cosmetics, textiles, sauna accessories, foods and yard elements: hot tubs, outdoor showers and terrace furniture. Freyberg says that customers want to buy entireties instead of individual elements from here and there, and therefore Sauna from Finland promotes co-operation between its member companies: one sells the sauna with the sauna bathing elements from the other companies. This increases both the value of the sales and enables new possibilities for every business involved.

”From our selection, one can buy everything needed for the comprehensive and multisensorial Finnish sauna experience. Together with our members we promote the cause and enable new business opportunities unitedly. Our network is constantly growing – now’s the time to jump in to ride the wave of the the authentic Finnish sauna’s revolution,” Freyberg encourages.

Read more about retailing Finnish sauna products and joining the network.

Article banner photo: Harvia Solide Compact

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