Authentic Finnish saunas are included many Finnish Embassies. However, so far, only one of them has been granted the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate, and that is the Finnish Embassy in London. The quality certificate proves that the experience of sauna leaves a positive memory and gives a good impression about the Finnish sauna.

Sauna is a growing wellness trend. The Finnish tradition engages people all over the world now more than ever before. Sauna is also a valuable tool for building Finland’s country image, which is one of the tasks of the Finnish Embassies. The focus is to build Finland as a positive and interesting brand – giving an authentic sauna experience to guests truly is a memorable one.

Finnish Embassy Staff photo – Photographed in London on 02/12/2021

Cooperation ensured that the sauna experience functions well down to the last detail

The Embassy of Finland in London has modernised their sauna premises to be able to offer a presentable and comfortable experience from start to finish. It was important that the guests get a modern image of sauna which is strongly linked to the wellness trend. Finnish diplomacy also has a long tradition of sauna bathing.

” Our important stakeholders receive numerous lunch invitations etc., but an invitation to a sauna evening is something completely unique.”

Heli Suominen, Press Counsellor at the Embassy of Finland

According to Heli Suominen, sauna experience needs to be comprehensive. It starts when entering the Embassy and then the dressing room. Sauna evenings include food and drinks, beautiful bath textiles and a calm atmosphere. Sauna from Finland felt like a natural partner for developing the Embassy’s sauna. Their network gathers the Finnish know-how and companies together. For example, Lapuan Kankurit textiles, Nystad Sauna Company sauna scents, KOLO bucket, and Narvi heater represent Finnish skills and quality in the best possible way.

Embassy of Finland spreading the word of sauna in London

The Executive Director of Sauna from Finland Carita Harju had the honour to hand the quality certificate to Finland’s Ambassador in London, Jukka Siukosaari, on 27th January 2022. Harju thinks that the high-quality sauna of the Embassy is a great start for spreading the message of the Finnish innovation in the United Kingdom.

” I am happy that we were able to certify the sauna of the Embassy in London after the delays. I want to especially thank Mika Meskanen from The British Sauna Society for all the help during the development process. In the future, Sauna from Finland aims to expand operations in Britain. We look to find more sauna services to develop towards an authentic Finnish sauna experience,” says Carita Harju.

Heli Suominen sees the renewed sauna premises only as one part of the sauna-related country brand building. “We spread the word of sauna to journalists and stakeholders as well as help journalists to experience sauna in Finland. Sauna at its best is a way to get to know Finland in a broader sense: the nature, the society, and the culture. Hopefully, our work also helps companies that export sauna products and services to get more visibility.”

The small size of the Finnish Embassy sauna restricts the number of sauna bathers. Therefore, the sauna evenings arranged at the Embassy will only be for small groups of invited guests. However, the aspiration is that the word of sauna would spread in the journalist and diplomatic circles of London. The Embassy in London was strongly inspired by the Diplomatic Sauna Society of Washington DC. It has been active – and very popular – for many years.

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