In the middle of Berlin’s Tiergarten, 400 guests were invited to the Embassy of Finland in Germay. Among them were the Foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel and the Prime Minister of Finland Juha Sipilä. The public event gathered together thousands of people interested in Finland. It was one of the biggest Finland 100 parties in Germany.

Finnish food, drink, music, culture and companies were widely featured in the event. Sauna from Finland presented its sauna industry know-how with nine companies: SaunaTour, Osmia, Mellis, Helo, Harvia, Hukka Design, Lapuan Kankurit, Huliswood and Makuafoods. Our member company Woltti Group was responsible for the arrangements of the Sauna Lounge. The companies got special visibility presenting and selling their products. Also a raffle was organized, with a trip to Kuusamo by SaunaTour as the grand prize.

A moment before the party: Sauna from Finland lounge.

Osmia, a company known for its scents and who is striving to the international markets was also in the party. Osmia’s products include scented candles, oils, sauna aromas, shampoos, liquid soaps, handmade soaps and other products related to natural skincare and bathing. Read more about Osmia’s story and products here.

Osmia’s products featured in the event

“It was an excellent opportunity for networking and we are glad that we came along. We managed to take genuine Finnish sauna experience a step forward and got concrete business contacts during the party,” says Osmia’s Sales Director Anne Mäkijärvi.

Internationalisation pilot has ensured continuance for the activities

Sauna from Finland’s internationalisation project aims to raise a positive image of Finland and increase business opportunities for Finnish sauna companies internationally. The Finland 100 party in Berlin was the final highlight for a two-year pilot. Tekes and 21 sauna companies sponsored the pilot. The activities will continue after the pilot and in August 2017 new companies will be joining Sauna from Finland international group. One of the most concrete actions has been the launching of website last year. There you can ask for more information of the Finnish sauna in four different languages.

“We have conveyed tens of offers and proposals to our companies involved in the project,” states Sauna from Finland’s Executive Director Carita Harju.

Sauna from Finland’s Executive Director with Harvia’s Export Manager in Germany Kalervo Laakso and Finnish-German author Roman Schatz

“One of the most important contacts in succeeding has been the cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. We have been able to speak about the genuine Finnish sauna experience in different events and have produced sauna articles in cooperation for example for This Is Finland –channels. During the pilot there has also been cooperation projects with the Embassies in St. Petersburg and Berlin. There has been negotiations with other embassies as well and the cooperation continues,” Harju rejoices.

Carita Harju and Ritva Koukku-Ronde from the Embassy of Finland in Berlin

Sauna from Finland is a network of companies working for the authentic Finnish sauna experience. The aim is to create the best sauna experience in the world. The network consists of more than 160 companies including stove manufacturers, consumer goods and services providers, accommodation and entertainment facilities, wellness and design companies and other associations.

Carita Harju
Executive Director, Sauna from Finland
Tel. +358 40 566 2481

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