Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook helps to create high-quality Finnish sauna experiences. The Quality Handbook contains inspiring articles and sauna experience quality criteria formed through profound research. It supports the creation and planning of an authentic Finnish sauna experience from beginning to the end.

Finnish sauna is trending more than ever. It is scientifically proved that health benefits and principles emphasize relaxation. Living in the moment make it and unique product that correlates with the global wellness trends. As a first-rate professional service, Finnish sauna expertise has a huge advantage. Its potential in the global wellness market is worth of 4,6 billion dollars.

Memorable and high-quality Finnish sauna services are needed by customers of hotels, spas, gyms, and public saunas. The sauna service providers can stand out from their competitors by offering great sauna experiences to their clients. Sauna from Finland publishes the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook in January 2021. It helps the company managers to create their sauna services,

”Our mission is to create the best sauna experiences in the world. The Quality Handbook makes the developing of a sauna service easy,” says Carita Harju, the Excecutive Director of Sauna from Finland.

Book is the result of cooperation between Sauna from Finland and its member companies

The renewed Handbook is the materialisation of co-operation between companies of Sauna from Finland network. It’s the number one tool for making a sauna experience in to a well-thought and unique service. The content encourages companies to develop and provide high-quality Finnish sauna services to their customers. The Handbook works for those who are just on the planning phase. But it is also for service providers who want to take their existing service to a whole new level.

The comprehensive Quality Handbook contains articles about products and services of the companies of the Finnish sauna field. It inspires and helps the service providers to choose the elements for their saunas and washrooms. In addition the Handbook provides tips and instructions for sustaining the safety and cleanliness of the sauna experience. It offers precise information about what kind of things to take into notion when planning the consumer pathway. The Handbook ends with a list of quality criteria with which the service providers can check if the sauna service they provide fits the demands of a high-quality customer experience. If the sauna service meets the criteria, Sauna from Finland can grant it the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Ceritificate.

Core values of the Finnish sauna

The quality criteria is driven from eight Core Values of an authentic Finnish sauna experience. They have been formed through years and years of research and development.

”We renewed the Core Values of the authentic Finnish sauna experience by adding the values of safety, contrast and responsibility. A Finnish sauna experience is safe, stands out from the everyday life, and takes responsibility matters into account,” Harju says.

The cover of the new Handbook. Designed by Eero Heikkinen.

”Finnish saunas are built outside of Finland all the time, but not many of them are authentic and high-quality. Most of the “Finnish” saunas are both hot and dry. Also, one can’t throw water on the sauna stove to create “löyly” (evaporating water). Our goal is to educate and fix misconceptions about the Finnish sauna and increase the export of authentic solutions. There are so many service providers who want to offer their customers high-quality and authentic Finnish sauna experience. The Quality Handbook and our network are the answer to that need.”

The English version of the Quality Handbook will be published in the beginning of January 2021 and World Sauna Forum 2020 participants can pre-order it already at the end of 2020, in Veico’s website. High quantities (over 5 books) can be ordered by contacting Sauna from Finland ([email protected]).

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