The Sauna Region Week is set to take place again next summer, treating visitors to an exciting range of authentic sauna-related experiences. Locals and visitors will have the opportunity to test the finest Finnish sauna experiences at many sauna events across Central Finland. The fifth annual Sauna Region Week will take place 27 June–4 July 2020.

As in previous years, the program will feature several exciting sauna destinations. In 2019, visitors were be able to choose from an herbal sauna, cellar sauna, smoke sauna, traditional sauna, peat sauna, chimney sauna, lakeside sauna or even a haiku sauna. During Sauna Region Week, you were also able try your hand at canoeing, complete the sauna trail and enjoy a sauna cruise. Some of the participating saunas will be open to the public as a one-off, while others will remain heated throughout the week.

The Sauna Heating World Championship 2020 tournament is set to take place as part of the Sauna Region Week. At the Heating Competition the competitors themselves do not enjoy a sauna. Instead, their challenge is to use their experience and skills to heat a sauna tent up to a set temperature. Each three-person team will be given all the equipment needed to heat the sauna tent to the regulation temperature. In the qualifying rounds of the competition, which has attracted international interest from as far away as Japan, the teams will be asked to heat the sauna tent to a certain temperature with the three or four fastest teams going through to the final.

In 2015, Central Finland declared itself the Sauna Region of the World, and the Sauna Region Week was set up as an annual event to celebrate all things related to sauna. This year’s Sauna Region Week attracted about 3,000 visitors from all around the world as well as Finland.

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Project Assistant Tuomas Paloniemi / Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region, Visit Jyväskylä, [email protected]

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