Electric or wood-burning? Modern or traditional? All-black, steel, or something else? In 2022, the sauna heater selection offers everything from stylish classics to unique and customizable sauna heaters!

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Are you Team Electric or Team Wood Burning?

FinnSauna.fi offers them both! The original sauna spirit can be equipped with a natural rustic style design heater, such as Mondex Rakka. The rough beauty of the stones makes sauna bathing enjoyable. Its massive rock capacity makes the heat and steam especially gentle.

For many people, a wood-burning stove brings a cozier feeling in the sauna. Mondex Motti is an efficient and powerful choice because of its 3-channeled heating system. More importantly, it is an ecological choice, and it is easy to install!

New innovations

The Harvia Forte Ever-Ready electric heater is an innovative heater that stems from a true love for sauna. The idea is simple: the heater is always ready for a sauna session. From the moment you hit “Hi” on the control panel, it only takes a few minutes for the heater to be sauna-ready, and you can even start adding water to the rocks immediately.

Juup Iivari stove is a Finnish handicraft and innovation designed and built by already three generations of sauna enthusiasts. The easy-to-use and CE-marked stove heats up quickly, using less wood than traditional wood-burning stoves. By adjusting the temperature of the stove and the amount of water, you can create exactly the kinds of löylys you like.

Timeless designs with high technology

The made-in-Finland VETO electric heater has excellent performance of heating a sauna.

  • Heats up quickly and energy efficiently
  • Equipped with a humidifier that produces a pleasantly humid sauna bath
  • Internationally acknowledged
  • Timeless design in variety of colors

Tulikivi Tuisku heater combines good looks with high technology, guaranteeing a soft and humid sauna experience. The heater is covered with Finnish soapstone.

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