Just before the Independence Day of Finland 20 000 entrepreneurs, investors, technology professionals, and media representants all over the world gathered to the Expo and Convention Center in Helsinki. The hall was full of colors, lazers, lights, and all kinds of installations. The two days were full of dazzling speeches and interviews, mindblowing technology, and intense negotiations between the investors and start-ups.

So in all its impressiveness Slush was a hectic event. And what would be a better way to pause and just take a moment to oneself than the Finnish sauna? For the second time Sauna from Finland joined Slush when the two parties combined forces to create Slush Sauna Village. This year the village was even bigger and contained 8 saunas and three tubs in addition to a chance to dip in a ice water pool.

Sauna Village was open for all Slush participants and served eager sauna bathers from all around the world. Hundreds of bathers enjoyed trying out different kinds of saunas and tubs during the two days.

– It was great to partner up with Slush for a second year around. I’m glad that Sauna from Finland is the organization to whom people turn to when they need a quality authentic Finnish sauna experience. We received great feedback, and the honor belongs to our network, says Carita Harju, Executive Director of Sauna from Finland.

This year the visitors also had a chance to buy sauna products and accessories at Sauna Shop. Products varied from cosmetics to linen and accessories. Many were especially interested in the natural ingredients and materials that were used in the products. Saana Ruuttunen, CEO of Veico and manager of the Sauna Shop, was happy to answer all the questions.

– Many looked for something that’d remind of Finland and sauna to take back home with them.

Sauna from Finland had a booth inside the Expo and Convention Centre where the Slush participants got familiar with the concept of the Finnish sauna experience and received information about the network members. The visitors even had a chance to hop on the benches of a sauna and practice throwing ‘löyly’ (the water evaporating from the hot sauna stove).

– Visitors, especially the international ones, were excited about the wonders of the Finnish sauna. Many wanted to try one and had planned sauna to be part of their trip. Some even wanted to buy a sauna and thought this was a great opportunity to discover more, says Satu Freyberg who manages international marketing at Sauna from Finland.

Thank you Slush for co-operation, and a special thanks to every network member who participated in building Sauna Village, Sauna Shop, and Sauna from Finland booth at Slush 2018!

Companies present at Sauna Village: Eropan & Boatsauna, Fimex, Harvia, Huliswood, Sauna Rentola and TylöHelo.

Sauna Shop: Frantsila, Hukka Design, Luhta, Mellis, Osmia, and Veico.

Also in co-operation: Ecofurn, KOLO sauna, Ledify, Lumene and Saunat.fi.

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