Win a sauna trip to Finland: winner has been drawn!

Win a sauna trip to Finland was an international contest organized by Sauna from Finland in co-operation with Visit Jyväskylä and Harvia. The winner was chosen by a random draw and the lucky one is Christina from Spain! Congratulations!

Sauna from Finland will fly Christina to Finland in the end of September to claim her price: a three-day sauna trip in the Jyväskylä region. The price includes a visit to Harvia, world’s leading sauna and spa manufacturer, Sauna of Light Pop Up event, international sauna networking event World Sauna Forum, Alvar Aalto tour, and Nothern Lights Sauna Trail Experience.

– When I think about the Finnish Sauna I think in health, culture and Harvia as mother of the Finnish sauna, Christina writes.

Christina has had a lot of different sauna experiences but she looks forward to visiting Finland and experiencing the authentic Finnish sauna.

– I need to visit Finland and take a sauna there, close to a lake. It´s an amazing world for me. I love your culture.

Finnish sauna is a place for relaxation

Win a sauna trip to Finland contest raised a lot of interest all over the globe and gathered in total 222 participants. 68% of the participants had been to a Finnish sauna before. When asked about the thoughts raised by the Finnish sauna, many described löyly, wooden interior, health and relaxation, family and nature.

“A summer hut on the edge of a lake with a cracking sauna. The adventure of starting up a wood eating sauna , with a few beers and a dip in the lake in between. Then relax for the rest of the night enjoying the views and company!”

“Sauna is something pure, peaceful and healthy, like Finnish nature.”

“Relaxation, northern stars & snow. Tender birch twigs to help with relaxation. Hot rocks & steam to help with bathing, relaxation & release toxins.”

Participants were also asked to describe their perfect sauna experience. Many wanted the sauna to be made out of real wood and heated up with fire. The scents and sounds were important: smell of fresh birch and wood, hissing noise when the water hits the rocks. Some described the surroundings of the sauna and possibilities to cool down between the sessions – sauna has to be in the middle of nature, close to the water or during the winter, snow.

Being with good friends on a snowy lakefront, dipping into the icy lake, quiet until we are done with sauna and then sitting outside after having drinks and sausages in the moonlight.”

“Lovely long loyly going in and out of sauna for a break, sitting somewhere peaceful enjoying and relaxing. And taking a dip in the lake in between.”

“Birch logs in a wood burning stove, 80 degrees and running into the fresh lake to cool off on a summers night. You can’t beat it.”

Thank you for participating! We wish you an autumn full of sauna bathing. Keep updated about Christina’s trip to Finland by following us on social media and searching for hashtags #winasaunatrip and #worldsaunaforum.

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