The event grew again from last year and was a success with its two days full of memorable experiences.


Sauna from Finland organized the third World Sauna Forum in Tampere, the Sauna Capital of the World, on the 3-4 of October, 2019. The international training and networking event gathered together companies, professionals, and clients to discuss about co-operations, development and future trends of the Finnish sauna experience. During the two days, 350 participants met each other to find new business partners and increase knowledge about the commercial prospects of the Finnish sauna experience. 

“We are so happy to see how World Sauna Forum grows bigger and bigger every year”, says Carita Harju, the Executive Manager of Sauna from Finland.

“This year we had a record-breaking amount of people from 16 different countries, such as Japan, the United States, Singapore, and Taiwan in addition to several European countries. We were also happy to notice that World Sauna Forum attracted the attention of 18 foreign media as well!”

The programme of World Sauna Forum 2019 consisted of sauna and wellbeing business training, interesting presentations about the current trends in the field as well as dynamic networking and organized Business Matchmaking. International participants also had a chance to visit TylöHelo on the pre-tour before the event, and Lahtiset, Jämsä Smoke Sauna Village and Harvia on the post tour after the event. The goal was to create a relaxed atmosphere and offer the participants a break in the hectic life while still giving a chance to advance their business.

“Sauna is the perfect way to take a pause and just live in the moment. We want World Sauna Forum to be that kind of an experience as well. Combining business with relaxation might sound like two different worlds clashing, but that’s the thing with the Finnish sauna experience – it connects people in a unique way which allows to get the best of the two worlds”, says Elina Heininen, the Communications and Event Manager of Sauna from Finland.

In addition to the various programme tailored for different types of participants, Sauna from Finland awarded its first international Sauna Ambassador. The association was proud to present the award to Karl Chi, Business Director of Seth Ascetic and founder of Taiwan Sauna Association, who’s been giving an outstanding contribution in raising awareness of the Finnish sauna experience in Taiwan and helping Finnish businesses to the market. Read the press release here.

Anna Ruotanen / Sauna from Finland

Pop-Up Sauna Village offered a chance to try out different Finnish saunas

During World Sauna Forum Pop-Up Sauna Village was built next to the event venue Sauna Restaurant Kuuma. Seven different saunas, of which five were pop-up saunas brought outside the venue just for the occasion, gave the participants and especially the international visitors a chance to try out different Finnish saunas. During the three days 400 sauna bathers visited the saunas inside and outside of Sauna Restaurant Kuuma in honor of the Sauna Capital of the World.

“We received a lot of great feedback from both World Sauna Forum participants and other sauna bathers of the Pop-Up Sauna Village. These kinds of events are a great way to increase the visibility of the Sauna Capital, encourage to find out new ways to experience the Finnish sauna, and cherish the amazing potential the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience has in the global markets”, Heininen rejoices.

Anna Ruotanen / Sauna from Finland

The next World Sauna Forum will be organized in Tampere on 24-25 of September, 2020! Stay tuned for the tickets and programme on Facebook and at World Sauna Forum official website.

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