This year World Sauna Forum’s organizer Sauna from Finland brings together Finnish and foreign companies and professionals of the sauna field. World Sauna Forum 2019 is organized in Tampere, Sauna Capital of the world, with a goal to promote the travel and export opportunities of the Finnish sauna internationally.

The Finnish sauna experience has a huge advantage in the global markets. In the busy and hectic world, the Finnish sauna experience responds perfectly to the current wellbeing trends. Sauna’s calm environment is the perfect way to cleanse yourself both physically and mentally. Scientifically proven health benefits, natural materials, and peaceful environment of the Finnish sauna enable you to be focused in the ‘now’. That is why it it’s a demanded product around the world.

“The Finnish sauna experience has a lot of export potential. When sauna bathing is considered as an experience, many types of businesses can take part in the markets. Not just builders of saunas and sauna stoves, but also for example cosmetics, textiles, and food can be an essential part of the experience,” says Carita Harju, Executive Manager of Sauna from Finland.

Tourism is also in the center of the export of the Finnish sauna experience. When a traveler has an high-quality and authentic Finnish sauna experience, they likely want to have it in their own home, or even in their spa or a gym, too.

World Sauna Forum

The international training and networking event World Sauna Forum will be held in 3-4 October. It brings together companies, professionals, and customers to discuss about cooperation, development ideas, and guidelines of the future of the field. The participants of the event come both from Finland and abroad: representatives of travel companies, sauna and product manufacturers, new entrepreneurs, and foreign retailers and buyers. The event has also drawn the attention of foreign media.

“This year World Sauna Forum is attracting a wide variety of sauna and well-being business professionals. The event is unique, as there is no other event like this in the world. Participants of the previous years are waiting to re-experience the relaxed and warm atmosphere of World Sauna Forum. The event offers something to everyone,” says Elina Heininen, Communications and Event Manager of Sauna from Finland.

World Sauna Forum lasts for two days. It consists of sauna trainings, interesting talks, networking, and company matchmaking. During the event, people can go to saunas in a Pop-Up Sauna Village which will be built next to the event venue. The pop-up saunas are open also for everyone in Tampere on Friday and Saturday 4-5 October.

In the event we will hear for example these speakers and panelists:

  • Emma Seppälä, qorld-leading happiness researcher, Stanford University
  • Karl Chi, Business Director of a Taiwanese premium health club Seth Ascetic & founder of Taiwan Sauna Association
  • Pekka Lettijeff, CEO of TylöHelo
  • Markus Siitonen, Concept Manager of Sokos Hotels
  • Tapio Pajuharju, CEO of Harvia
  • Kimmo Rautiainen, International Sales Manager of Ruka-Kuusamo
  • Josefin Roth, Brand Leader of LivNordic & Project Manager of Raison d’Etre

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