Health and wellbeing are globally recognized trends. In the hectic world companies are constantly looking for opportunities to provide their clients ways to relax and be in the present moment. Sports, yoga, meditation, and other ways of connecting body with the mind are found to increase overall wellness and capability to be in the present moment.

Finnish sauna is the perfect way to cleanse oneself both physically and mentally. With scientifically proven health benefits, natural materials and quiet and dim surrounding one can take a pause from the world and just be and focus on the moment. The mind and body find harmony. This makes the Finnish sauna experience an unique business opportunity.

World Sauna Forum is an international networking event that gathers together companies, professionals, and clients to discuss about co-operations, development and future trends of the Finnish sauna experience. At the event one can meet business partners and increase knowledge about the commercial prospects of the Finnish sauna experience. World Sauna Forum is organized for the third time on the 3-4 October, 2019 in Tampere, the Sauna Capital of the World.

Jake Newport, the Managing Director of Finnmark Sauna, highly recommends participating the event.

–  World Sauna Forum is where the ‘who’s who’ of the sauna industry internationally meet. If you’re in the sauna industry in any way and serious about high quality Finnish sauna, you should be there! You get to try new products and experiences, network with a wide range of professionals, and of course, enjoy some amazing Finnish saunas, Newport says.

The programme of World Sauna Forum 2019 consists of sauna and wellbeing business training, interesting presentations about the current trends in the field as well as dynamic networking and organized Business Matchmaking. The event offers you a chance to visit multiple different saunas and find the way you like to experience the Finnish sauna.

Speakers and panelists include i.a.

World Sauna Forum 2019 is a memorable experience full of valuable encounters and fascinating topics around the sauna and wellbeing field spiced up with relaxing sauna bathing.

GET YOUR TICKETS FOR A SUMMER PRICE (299€) NOW! After the summer is over and tree leaves start turning to beautiful autumn colors, the offer ends and the price goes up to the original (349€).

See the whole programme and get your tickets at

World Sauna Forum 2019 is organized in co-operation with Harvia, interbad2020, Karhu, Lapland Hotel Tampere, Rentosauna, Tampere Sokos Hotels, TylöHelo, Visit Jyväskylä, and Visit Tampere.

Article photos by Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere.

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