Sauna from Finland organizes the annual international networking event World Sauna Forum virtually this year. The event takes place on December 3-4, 2020. Available for all free of charge, it is expected to gather thousands of participants around the world.

The need for the authentic Finnish sauna is constantly increasing around the world. In the time of pandemic people are looking for more ways to take care of their health in everyday life. Finnish sauna is exactly what many are looking for in the global markets. World Sauna Forum, the world’s biggest B2B event focused on the Finnish sauna, has ever since 2017 annually brought professionals of the field together to discuss about the potential of the Finnish sauna, future trends, customerships, and co-operations.
“After we had to cancel World Sauna Forum 2020 because of the pandemic, we still received a lot of requests about the event. It made us realize that World Sauna Forum is more needed than ever. Finnish sauna is gaining its popularity as many hotels, spas, health clubs, and consumers are looking for a place to take care of health and wellness and shut the roaring world outside,” says Elina Heininen, World Sauna Forum Head Coordinator and Communications & Event Manager of Sauna from Finland.
Heininen continues:

”So we decided to organize the event online! This way the Finnish sauna and Finland will gain the visibility they deserve right now. This event makes it possible to reach big audiences and gain high visibility for the Finnish sauna.”

World Sauna Forum 2020 Takes You to Sauna on Your Couch

World Sauna Forum 2019 was organized in Tampere, Finland, and catered 350 visitors from 16 different countries. The event has grown each year and received a lot of attention in the international media.
”World Sauna Forum has become known as the event where one can do business but also experience amazing and different kinds of sauna bathing. Even though this year we cannot offer live experiences, we are going to produce the online event as memorably and lively as possible. Participants will get to experience the atmosphere of an authentic Finnish sauna while sitting on their couch,” Heininen rejoices.
In the saunaWorld Sauna Forum Goes Online will offer the participants information and insights about the different aspects of the Finnish sauna experience. Famous Finnish and international celebrities and professionals will talk about their relationship to the Finnish sauna, and some talks go deeper into Finnish sauna design, health benefits, building experiences and details of designing and manufacturing sauna accessories, cosmetics, and textiles.
”The English-speaking event will offer something for everyone from American hotel manager to Finnish sauna manufacturer or Japanese sauna fan. World Sauna Forum Goes Online has a more educational approach compared to the live event, because we have noticed that people are above all looking for information about how increase their or other’s wellbeing,” Heininen says.

World Sauna Forum Goes Online is organized on 3-4 December 2020. Joining the worldwide event is possible at anytime, anywhere during the event days. More information will be available at ja on the event’s official Facebook page.

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