Food, drinks and beautiful setting complement the sauna experience. Tasteful by Sauna from Finland helps sauna service providers implement Finnish food and drinks to the sauna experience.

The sense of taste adds its own element to sauna bathing. Food, drinks and cooking can make the Finnish sauna experience more unique, personal, and memorable. Dinner after sauna tastes particularly delicious.

The products and ingredients used in sauna food and drinks can be altered for many tastes. Athletic sauna bathers can enjoy something that helps to recover after sports, and the ones who like to pamper themselves can have a vitamin-rich smoothie or delicious sauna ‘sapas’ (a word which Finns use for Finnish-styled tapas). Berries, nuts and even ice cream are great during or after-sauna snacks for children.

If you are a sauna service provider, it’s worth giving some thought to how the sauna bathers could be pleasantly surprised, You can serve a whole menu with starters, main courses, and desserts, or pamper the sauna bathers with a refreshing welcoming drink and tasty snacks during the sauna experience. Drinks and food before and during the sauna should be light, but indulging a whole dinner after sauna is more than recommended.

Even cooking can be implemented to the sauna experience. There are foods that can be cooked on the sauna stove, but you can also utilize a fireplace, open fire or a barbecue to cook food while taking a break from the steam or after enjoying sauna. Nature experiences are trending globally, so offering a nature sauna experience with a possibility to cook food, such as pancakes, on an open fire after sauna is sure to be memorable for many. How about packing the ingredients with a recipe in a picnic basket and giving it to your sauna customers?

Sauna from Finland helps!

Tasteful by Sauna from Finland is a concept that helps sauna services to market Finland with foods, drinks and tableware. With this concept, we at Sauna from Finland are happy to assist you in:

  • Conceptualizing a food and drink experience alongside your Finnish sauna service (menu, snacks, drinks…)
  • Finding the beverage, tableware and kitchenware companies who can supply the ingredients
  • Tailoring food-themed sauna gift boxes or picnic baskets for your clients.

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