Traditionally, the sauna environment is tied to the outdoors. We love and recognize the traditional image of the sauna, which is outside the summer cottage, near the lakeshore, and has a classic wood-burning heater.

Nonetheless, the sauna experience has grown to include many environments and designs – outdoor, indoor, and everything in-between. Infrared, steam, and spa elements are growing in popularity too, as innovation and wellness trends drive more ways to experience healing with heat.

#healingwithheat – the regular practice of sauna & spa bathing for all its associated health and wellness benefits

Outdoor saunas

As mentioned, the outdoor sauna is the most traditional environment, that is not to say it hasn’t seen updates to features or design. The modern backyard oasis is a personalized space which calls for sauna designs to be innovative, fresh, and flexible.

Harvia’s Solide outdoor sauna models are available in a variety of sizes and models to suit your personal preferences and unique landscape. More traditional outdoor designs are available in Harvia’s Keitele and Kuikka models. In total, Harvia offers seven distinct outdoor sauna designs with customizable options to suit your needs.

Outdoor sauna maintenance is an important factor to consider. If used regularly (1-2 times per week) maintenance is typically done twice a year (summer and winter). It is recommended that the benches are scrubbed clean and sealed with paraffin wax to remove stains and prevent them from rotting. Walls must be inspected to prevent dry rot, leaks, and that the foundation has not shifted or eroded. Despite this, outdoor saunas are generally low maintenance and easy to care for.

Outdoor saunas at glance:

  • known as the most authentic sauna experience
  • access to lake or body of water is especially refreshing
  • options for either wood-burning or electric heaters
  • help is available from Harvia’s sauna services

A sauna for everyone

Surely there is a sauna type for all! Regardless of your current habits, sauna bathing can be added to your wellness routine. As the sauna experience continues to grow worldwide, new practices and sauna designs continue to emerge. Whatever your preferences are, the Harvia sauna & spa experience is made to be accessible to all. Looking only for a sauna heater? See here all Harvia’s heater solutions.

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