A family business called LSJ Group Oy runs a holiday cottage resort, Rukan Salonki, in the middle of Kuusamo’s beautiful nature. One of the reasons of popularity of the cottage resort is the quality certified Finnish Sauna Experience. The experience includes sauna, accommodation and dinner. Many visitors purchase the experience package in advance, so they get interested already when looking at the website.

”The best thing is that the sauna experience suits everyone from a baby to a grandfather, regardless of the time of the day or the season. The chance to live the sauna experience at different times provides added value to the experience. For example, the ice sauna in Pyhäpiilo is a place to go especially for Asian visitors”, says LSJ Group Oy’s CEO Marjo Määttä.

The Rukan Salonki sauna experience always includes a sauna guide that is with you during the whole experience. For many visitors it is their first touch with the nature, so the need for support is very specific.

The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience certificate

Marjo Määttä feels that the audits of Rukan Salonki saunas, the HiTech smoke sauna and Pyhäpiilo Sauna World with Sauna from Finland have been successful.

“Quality certification is something that we commit to in long term. It requires us to update and review our saunas regularly” says Marjo.

The core values of Rukan Salonki’s saunas are:

  1. Sauna stories are a central part of the experience.
  2. Local cuisine is preferred.
  3. You must be able to sense the cleanliness of the sauna with all your senses.

HiTech smoke sauna
This smoke sauna is made to customers’ wishes and it is located in the middle of Rukan Salonki’s cottage resort. You won’t get sooty in this smoke sauna! You can also get peat treatments and there is a hole in the ice for swimming in winter.

The scenic landscapes of Lake Pyhäjärvi include a smoke sauna and a unique ice sauna in winter. The area is an old Sámi area of cultural and historical significance, and you can hear their stories during the sauna experience. At the same time, you can admire the surroundings, maybe even see the Nordic lights, from the window of the smoke sauna.

Sales Marjo Määttä

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