A company called Bellamer has over ten boats in the Finnish Lakeland for renting. These Houseboats represent the authentic Finnish way of living because they all have saunas!

A holiday in a houseboat permits to view the Finnish nature from the best places. That is, from wherever you want to go with it. The only restriction is that you should take waterways. Most of the Houseboats are situated in the harbor of Jyväskylä which is in Central Finland. The Lakeland area offers beautiful scenery in the Sauna Region of the World. You may even steer your boat from an old smoke sauna to another if you wish to have a proper sauna tour.

UNIQUE Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience at Houseboat.fi

All Bellamer Houseboats have been granted the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate UNIQUE. Each boat has its own sauna which has very quick access to swim in the lake. The lake is just a few steps away! The saunas have traditional wood-burning stoves by Harvia that should be heated by the travelers themselves. If it is the first time for using a wood-burning sauna stove, no worries. Houseboat provides instructions for setting up a fire into the stove in an easy video format. Together with the boat company, Sauna from Finland also created a step-by-step guide for sauna bathing in case you are worried if it’ll be enjoyable.

The sauna experiences that Bellamer Houseboats offer are unique since the bather is floating in the middle of a lake. Sometimes the Finnish summer shows its brutal side, and the temperature feels a bit chilly. This is one of the reasons why hot saunas are so popular in Finland not just in winter but also in summer. This is also one of the reasons why travelers love the Houseboats so much!

Be sure to make your reservation well in advance since the number of Houseboats is limited and the summer season in the Finnish climate is short. Usually, the season starts halfway of May and the colder times begin in September or October. (Colder times mean when the ice starts to form.) Contact Houseboat and find out if your time for vacation works with the Finnish season!


Get your own Bellamer houseboat

In case your holiday seasons don’t go with the Finnish boat season or if you want to have access to a floating Finnish houseboat all year round, you may purchase yourself one! Bellamer manufactures about one hundred houseboats in one year to sell. People from around the world have shown interest to get one. Finnish houseboats have attention in Germany, Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, and even in South-Korea and Japan! The authentic Finnish sauna in every houseboat is a big advantage since the trend of sauna bathing has been rising during the past years.

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