Tourists of Vuokatti can now experience high-quality steam at the end of an active day. The latest quality certified sauna experience is located on the shore of a calm and clear lake Särkinen. It is only a walk away from Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti.

Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti started to develop its lake shore sauna experience about a year ago. The staff felt that sauna services have become a more important part of tourism productization. The lake shore sauna not only attracts Finnish tourists but also foreign tourists as well. The latter visitor group’s needs wanted to be met better than before. The aim was to introduce the tourists from abroad to the Finnish sauna tradition. This way the experience would leave stronger memories after the trip. Visitor centres are especially busy during the holiday seasons. In these cases, the off seasons are the best time to develop sauna services. This is exactly what was done in Vuokatti.

The lake shore sauna brings an addition of nature to the urban hotel saunas

The quality development process at Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti focused especially on the dressing and lounge areas of the sauna. Also, the customer’s path from the hotel to the sauna was re-designed. Sauna from Finland helped to create additional products to the sauna. They produced a new ‘relaxing sauna experience’. The relaxing sauna products and scents awaken the senses into the atmosphere of a Finnish forest. This product will be tested next. The idea is to later bring in other product options and sauna packages, explains the hotel manager Tiina Rimpiläinen from Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti.

“The sauna is very meaningful to our guests. The visitors normally use the hotel’s guest sauna or the saunas in the rooms and apartments. The lake shore sauna is an excellent place to enjoy with family or co-workers. The possibility to swim in the lake around the year adds interest to our lake shore sauna.”

Sauna experience with gorgeous lake views

Gorgeous nature brings some extra comfort and relaxation to the sauna; Vuokatti Hills, sunsets, and the forest are visible not only outside, but also inside in pictures and paintings. The hotel guests will have a clear path to the sauna. The customers are also encouraged to share their experiences on social media.

The executive director of Sauna from Finland, Carita Harju, compliments the location of the lake shore sauna. “Sauna at the lake Särkinen offers the possibility to enjoy the amazing Finnish lake views all-around the year. It is a unique experience for athletes to recover and for other sauna bathers as well to become refreshed. The sauna is the gem of Vuokatti.”

According to Tiina Rimpiläinen, the development work with Sauna from Finland has been extremely active and pleasant. Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti needed help with productization in addition to the quality criteria and guides. Rimpiläinen mentions that the hotel staff has received a lot of professional advice and tips for developing the sauna.

You can now find a lot of information about the lake shore on the hotel’s website.

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