Nowene Nordic Spa received the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate on Friday 25th of February at noon.

Heinola has been a spa town for a century. Nowene Nordic continues the great tradition of the spa town by developing its spa experience better and better. Sauna from Finland granted Nowene Spa the only SPA sauna experience quality certificate in the world on Friday 25.2.2022.

Carita Harju handed the quality certificate with Satu Ilomäki to Nowene’s owner Juha Kukkonen.

Nowene Nordic Spa is in Heinola, in the Valolinna area, surrounded by large waters. The spa was born from the enthusiasm of the real estate developers Jaana and Juha Kukkonen. They want to offer their guests relaxing and health-promoting experiences through various kinds of saunas and healthcare treatments.

The theme at Nowene Nordic Spa consists of Finnish sauna tradition, natural healthcare treatments, and a touch of mystique Finnish folklore. The service selection has water mattress massage, peat treatments, and peat sauna experiences. In between sauna bathing, you get to cool down in a pool of 24 Celsius degrees. If that’s not cool enough for the hot-cold treatment, the bravest can try extra cold treatment in -110 Celsius degrees!

Additionally, there is a trailer log smoke sauna in the spa yard. During summertime, it’s on the shore so sauna bathers can go swim in the pond directly from the sauna.

The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate shows that it is a world class service. Sauna bathers can relax comfortably when they know that the quality of service is high.

The only quality certified SPA sauna experience in the world

Based on years of research, the development of the sauna experience utilizes a framework of sauna experience’s core values. They are authenticity, multisensory, presence and relaxation, wellbeing and health, contrast, cleanliness, safety, and responsibility. All these values should be present during the whole sauna experience, from start to finish. Only then we can achieve a high-quality sauna and spa experience. Sauna from Finland’s expert Satu Ilomäki helped Nowene to plan the guest experience before, during, and after the sauna.

Satu Ilomäki had the chance to enjoy the renewed sauna experience among the first ones.

“When designing spa services, it is important to consider the occupancy rate. The quality of the experience is easier to maintain when practicalities, such as washing benches and inclusive pathways, are planned. Suitable choices also guarantee the longevity of the sauna experience,” explains Satu Ilomäki, who audited the sauna experience.

There are no other quality saunas in the world that have the SPA quality certificate besides Nowene. The SPA quality certificate is awarded for saunas in spas or other sauna facilities. In the case of spas, particular attention is in ensuring a luxurious Finnish sauna experience. Juha Kukkonen is happy with the certification process and the number of ideas that they got from it.

“Sauna from Finland has helped and given a lot of new viewpoints to developing the spa. This quality certification has given a boost to development work and given instructions for many things. Nowene wants to take part in passing forward the message of the sauna.”

Juha Kukkonen, Owner of Nowene Nordic Spa

Nowene offers healthcare treatments for groups as well. These are fun experiences for example for groups of friends or for work communities.

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