SUOMAA Health Sauna and Peat Treatments – Wellbeing Combining Modern and Folk Medicine

SUOMAA health sauna is a concept developed by doctor Leena Larva and it is based on history of peat treatments and physiological insight. It is a Finnish method and an experience, which treats pains without medication and seeks to increase feeling of happiness.

Treatment sessions are guided, social, and relaxing. Peat increases your lymph circulation and it is even more accelerated in sauna. Stretching Larva -exercises can also boost this effect. The method has antiaging impacts, especially for skin and hair.

SUOMAA concept: sauna treatments using researched SUOMAA peat, guided by trained experts

The SUOMAA method is a guided peat treatment which increases wellbeing. It is a non-medical treatment for the stressed and busy people who need relaxation. It is also suitable for everyone non-able or non-willing to be active. The SUOMAA health sauna treatment lasts two to three hours, and takes place in specified conditions. The person who guides is trained to control the SUOMAA treatment. The SUOMAA method improves the customer’s overall feeling of comfort.

The SUOMAA method can be carried out globally in saunas that fulfill the demands of the SUOMAA concept, and that are guided by a trained SUOMAA expert. It can be divided for example into a full-length treatment, facial treatment, or foot treatment. It can also be carried out outside of sauna. However, the SUOMAA treatment fits best in a sauna spa with a possibility to lie down, eat food, and have other treatments as well.

SUOMAA is a registered trademark in EU countries, Russia, and Switzerland.

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