The Viking Sauna World of Urpolan Kartano has been added to the exclusive group of world’s best saunas after the audit process of Sauna from Finland! The entrepreneurs in the sauna service business have been working with Sauna from Finland to develop their sauna world. On 21 May 2021 they received the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience UNIQUE Quality Certificate. The quality certificate is granted for sauna unities that are out of the ordinary – and unique, of course.

Saunas have been a part of the service selection in Urpolan Kartano already for almost 20 years. During this time, the entrepreneurs have designed and built six different saunas. They have created something different unique that does not exist anywhere else.

“The most exceptional one is Sauna in the Tree which is literally in three meters above the ground. A 120 years old pine-tree grows through the sauna and another through its terrace. We are certain there is no other like this!” tell entrepreneurs Leena and Mikko Kylämarkula proudly.

Viking Sauna is an authentic smoke sauna. Additionally, Viking Sauna World includes Scenery Sauna, Ship Sauna, Wood Pellet Sauna, and Small Sauna. In between the saunas the guests can take a plunge in the pond or take a refreshing Viking shower. Relaxation possibilities are in the Hot Tub ‘Viking Ship Helka’, or in a unique Steam Bath Obelix. Obelix was built using an old wooden water tank.

Surprising experiences even for an experienced sauna bather

“Our UNIQUE quality certificate shows that the sauna experience offers something one-of-a-kind for a sauna bather. The Viking Sauna World takes sauna bathing into another level. Six, thematically different kinds of saunas fulfill the expectations of every friend of sauna. You can explore the Scenery Sauna or pamper yourself in the gentle steam of smoke sauna. Have you ever tried having a sauna in a tree? The Hot Tub ‘Viking Ship Helka’ ensures a relaxing bath. The fireplace room offers a chill atmosphere to have a Viking themed evening.

As an experienced sauna auditor of Sauna from Finland I can promise that this is something you should come try. You get to meet Vikings Leena and Mikko and their hospitality and guidance into the secrets of the Viking Sauna World”, Pekka Krook, the Chairman of Board and official sauna auditor of Sauna from Finland, celebrates the new quality destination.

The multisensoriality of sauna experience in Sauna from Finland’s quality criteria is noticeable in the destination. For example, delicious food is an important part of an unforgettable sauna experience. Guest gets in-depth information about the menus and sauna treatments on the spot. As unique sauna world as the Viking Sauna World does not exist anywhere in the world but in Urpolan Kartano.

“We wanted to apply for the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience UNIQUE Quality Certificate for the Viking Sauna World. We want to communicate customers in and outside Finland how seriously we take the quality of our sauna services. However, with a casual approach”, Leena Kylämarkula explains.

Photo: Johanna Tähtinen

Sales Leena Kylämarkula

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