For thousands of years, steam and sweat have been used to purify and beautify the body. Ancient Greek and Roman bathing practices formed the basis of the modern spa routine we know today. The blog post written in cooperation with Harvia.

As far as wellness and beauty are concerned, they got it right! Steam from the sauna or spa is known to have rejuvenating effects on your complexion, skin, and overall health.

Harvia Nova Steam cabin

Benefits of steam on the skin

  • Steam and heat open the pores of the skin, releasing impurities, dead skin cells, and bacteria which causes acne and blackheads.
  • Increases circulation and blood flow. Increased blood flow brings oxygen to the skin cells and gives the cheeks a rosy complexion. Increased circulation also helps produce collagen and elastin, two proteins which help the skin maintain its vitality.
  • Steam helps the skin release sebum, your body’s natural moisturizer.
  • After a sauna, your skin becomes more permeable and absorbent, so any products used on the skin may become more effective.

Aside from these benefits, the most important and effective activity for wellness and beauty is the sauna bath itself. Shower before you enter the sauna using soap and shampoo. Cold/cool shower after you are done with the heat. The key to remember about skincare and sauna is that the heat will open your pores, and the cold will close them. Leaving your sauna without closing your pores makes them vulnerable (again) to the dirt and bacteria which you had just removed.

Harvia Nova Steam cabin

You can also elevate your sauna use to a complete beauty experience by involving skincare products and methods, such as exfoliating.

As a place of equality, sauna also reminds us of the importance of seeing beauty in everyone. We are all beautiful in our own ways.

Wishing you beautiful sauna moments!

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