Virtual stress is a treacherous thing. Through technological developments, it has crept into our spines and muscles.

In addition to sitting at a virtual device, such as a computer, phone and television, in a position that statically resists the earth’s gravitational force, we use the term ‘virtual stress’ to describe the stress that occurs when we fear and worry about matters that are in the past or could happen in the future. We are still like primitive people living off the land; because of our fight or flight mechanism, we are constantly ready to attack or run.

In the past this primitive stress stemmed from actual hazardous situations and was relieved by using the muscles, which also activated the lymphatic circulation. Due to the muscle tension caused by virtual situations, body flow slows down, causing swelling and pain.

“Only a few of us are so truly able to live in the moment that they feel no virtual stress. It is deeply ingrained in modern-day people and it is treated as an intrinsic part of life”, says Gynaecology Specialist and natural healer Leena Larva, who specializes in peat sauna treatments.

Virtual stress can effect a whole group, not just individuals

Larva has witnessed the group effect of virtual stress by observing a football team after their game. A victorious game leads to euphoria, the stress of wellbeing. Smiles and laughter come naturally, the players talk loudly. When the game is lost, players hang their heads and the corners of their mouths are downturned, they talk in whispers or say nothing at all.

“After a shared peat sauna and a meal, you could see their body flow returning. The team started to talk more positively and their attitude to the future games became more normal”, she says.

According to Larva, the quickest way to get rid of virtual stress and normalise your emotional state is the guided SUOMAA peat sauna, peat treatment, pumping breaths and stretching. After using peat in the sauna, body flow increases visibly, muscles relax and thoughts become clearer.
“The sauna increases wellbeing through your skin. Combined with a suitable environment, beautiful art and sounds, as well as cleanliness, it also helps to balance your soul. This also helps to decrease pain and balance your sleep”, Larva says.
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