Relax Saunawhisk is an innovation that has its inspiration from the traditional Finnish whisking treatment. Whisking is an essential way to improve wellbeing in the sauna for many bathers.

The whisking creates a therapeutical feeling. Whisking and the sauna steams massage the body and relax the mind. Typically, you need birch branches with fresh leaves on them to make a sauna whisk. Now there is a product that compensates the lack of birch trees in your area or the seasonality of fresh birch leaves.

Sauna whisking doesn’t have to end when summer ends.

Relax Saunawhisk is a Finnish invention that ensures around the year sauna whisking. It is an artificial whisk that is handmade in Suonenjoki, Finland. The material is recyclable and long-lasting. Remember to always check if you can use a sauna whisk in a public sauna.

Imagine using natural sauna whisk made of birch leaves. Can you see the mess it makes in your sauna when the leaves drop on the floor? In some public saunas sauna whisking is not allowed for this reason. This is not a problem with the Relax Saunawhisk because it will not break when used.

Use sauna whisk to relax and improve the blood circulation.

The Finnish sauna has multiple health benefits. If you add sauna whisking into the hot steams, the health effects are even improved. Using a sauna whisk helps the muscles to relax, for example after a workout or a stressful day. It also improves the blood circulation.

People who are allergic to the brich can’t use birch whisks. Relax Saunawhisk solves this problem as well. And if you want to get the experience as authentic as possible, you can add the birch-scented sauna aromas in the sauna water to throw on the sauna stove. This way you can imagine using the ‘real deal’.

Now, Relax Saunawhisk can be purchased in stores in Estonia, Germany, the United States, Canada, and Sweden. If you’d like to start retailing Relax Saunawhisk and sauna scents, please get in touch!

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