Atomu Tanaka is a Japanese football player who plays for HJK in Helsinki. Atomu Tanaka says that Finland is like a second home country to him, and he is a passionate fan of sauna as well. He didn’t know much about Finland or Finnish sauna before moving here but had heard about the Moomins and that it is cold in Finland.

Finding Finnish sauna was an earthmoving experience for Atomu Tanaka and now it is part of his everyday life. The biggest difference between Finnish and Japanese sauna is throwing water on the sauna stove to create löyly. In a Japanese sauna the heat is very dry. The atmosphere is also different; a lot of Japanese public saunas have huge televisions in them, and relaxation is quite impossible!

Atomu says that for him, most special is sauna bathing in the middle of the nature and swimming in the sea or the lake afterwards. He believes that sauna bathing is the best way to recover and helps with your health. It also relaxes you mentally. Atomu has founded a company Moi Sauna, to tell the Japanese about sauna and Finland. There is a sauna boom in Japan right now and a lot of opportunities in business as well. See what else Atomu said about Finnish sauna:

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