Juup® is a Finnish sauna company focusing on sustainable development and environmentally low-impact production and design. All products produced by Juup® are handmade in Finland.

It all started with a grandfather who couldn’t find his sauna stove

The story of Juup® sauna stoves began in the 1950’s when graduate engineer and passionate sauna bather Gösta Juup needed a solution to his everyday sauna problem. He used to sauna up to three times a day. The biggest challenge for him was time, as traditional stoves required several hours of heating. Gösta also felt that the stoves on the market did not have a sufficiently wide “löyly” (steam) spectrum. Instead, each stove had its own singular type of löyly, that did not necessarily appeal to all family members.

Gösta Juup

For many years, he tried to find a stove that pleases him. Then, he decided to take a seat at the drawing board himself. After several prototypes and endless hours spent in the sauna, the first Juup stove started to take form. The result was a sauna stove that heats the sauna in less than 20 minutes. It also has a wide range of löyly types. One for every family member and friend. Ab Juup Oy, which was founded by Gösta’s grandson Christian Juup in 2019, designs and produces sauna stoves based on Gösta’s original invention and design.

Reinventing the löyly

The Juup sauna stoves are quite unique. Not only because of their design, but because the primary objective for the stoves is to heat the sauna room itself, rather than focusing on heating the sauna stones. Unlike conventional sauna stoves, in Juup stoves the sauna stones are placed in a stone pot. This allows the stones to heat up more quickly and keeps them warm throughout the whole sauna session.

Juup® Original

The stones on the bottom and around the pot edges heat up to a higher temperature than the stones in the middle. This way can get a vast range of different löylys to suit your own preferences. For example, if you pour water on the sides, you get hot and quick löylys. If you pour water in the middle (where the colder stones are) you get long lasting and extremely humid löylys. Furthermore, since the stones are in a pot, all the water evaporates into the sauna room. This means that water doesn’t get wasted.

Sustainable, handmade products

Juup believes that quality lies in the details and can only be achieved with high quality materials. All Juup products are handmade. To ensure the highest possible quality, every individual sauna stove is built by the same person from start to finish. This is manifested on the copper plaque featured on every stove. The serial number, stove model, and name of the builder is engraved on each stove.

“We believe that decent quality products should last for generations. We use as much recycled materials as possible without compromising quality. Our sauna stoves carry a 10-year warranty, which is the longest in the industry,” says the founder Christian Juup. All individual parts of the stove are replaceable when they eventually reach the end of their lifecycle.

“Our sauna stoves are not only long lasting, but they are also easy on the environment. For example, our Juup Original stove uses up to 50% less firewood. It has over 85% smaller emissions than similar sized sauna stoves.”

Christian Juup

The rebirth of the sauna culture

One of the fondest memories Finns have, are the childhood memories of the whole family going to the sauna together. Without any electronic devices disrupting the experience and truly living in the moment. Therefore, one of their biggest motivators behind founding a sauna company came from their own memories. The company has the will to enable future generations to experience the same. This is the culture the company wants to help build and share to the entire world. “We believe that this is one of the biggest reasons why Finns have been the happiest people on earth, five years running,” Christian Juup announces.

Christian Juup

The most relaxing moment a Finn can experience

Juup wanted to find a way to describe the unique feeling that every Finnish person knows and has experienced. The feeling which time after time is voted to be the most relaxing moment that a Finn can experience. After a long day, when you finally can put away all worries, step into the sauna, and disconnect completely. You climb up on the sauna bench and pour the first löyly. The sound from the water hitting the hot stones echoes in the room and the steam cradles your body. At this moment you fall into a complete sense of harmony and clarity. The company dares to call this sensation: The Finnish moment®.

The Juup sauna stoves are a Finnish innovation and design piece. They are handcrafted and built by real Finnish sauna enthusiasts to ensure never-before-seen quality.

“We are constantly developing new products. We will continue our mission to provide and enable better and more sustainable sauna experiences for the entire world!”

Christian Juup

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