Ecological Finnish Sauna Experience

Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience is responsible and takes environmental matters into account. Sauna bathing can be organized in a way that is both good to you and nature.

Nature is an essential part of Finnish lifestyle and is deeply connected to the sauna bathing as well. To create high-quality and responsible sauna experiences one has to consider how nature can be preserved and nurtured at the same time. To help you with this task, we gathered a list of things to take into consideration.

Sauna stove

Wood-burning sauna stove

Aim for cleaner burning. Fire roars cleanly behind the large glass door of the Harvia Legend 240 GreenFlame woodburning stove. The low-emission (70% lower carbon monoxide emissions), durable and easy-to-use saunaheater is suited to medium-sized saunas. Its hefty stone quantity guarantees a traditional, soft saunabath.

How to light up a wood-burning sauna stove:

  • Clean the ashes from the fireplace before starting a new fire.
  • Use dry wood only.
  • Avoid burning trash.
  • Start with smaller firewood, use the driest pieces as kindling. Place a couple of bigger woods horizontally and leave room between the logs and walls of the fireplace. Pile up the small pieces and some bark or newspaper on top of the bigger pieces. Light up the wood from the top.
  • Add a next firewood patch when the flames start to die down.
  • Sweep the flue regurarly.

Electric sauna stove

It’s important to choose a correctly sized sauna stove. Too small or too big sauna stove uses energy excessively. If you are a regural sauna goer, Harvia Forte sauna stove is a good solution. The innovative version of the heat-storing electric heater lets sauna bathers enjoy the löyly immediately.

TIP! To calculate the volume of your sauna for correctly sized sauna stove, use Harvia’s Sauna Calculator.

Sauna equipment

  • Aqcuire durable bench covers made from natural materials (such as linen). If you must use disposable bench covers, choose a biodegradable option.
  • Use ecological shampoos, soaps and conditioners which have not been tested with animals. E.g. Luonnokas offers nice 100% natural washing products.
  • Frantsila produces natural cosmetics that are perfect for after-sauna skin and hair care.

Sauna rituals

  • Clean and maintain the sauna regularly.
  • Take a quick shower and turn off the shower during washing.
  • Give peat sauna a try! The peat used for sauna purposes is 100% natural product and doesn’t burden the environment. Suomaa sells peat for home use. Remember to cover the sauna benches and walls properly to prevent staining.
  • Enjoy healthy vegetarian snacks during and after the sauna. They nourish your body.

Article produced in co-operation with Sauna from Finland strategic partner Harvia.

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