Some saunas are surrounded by nature, while others are in the midst of an urban environment. Even the same sauna will offer different bathing experiences depending on the time of the year. Would any of these sauna rituals popular among Finnish people be suitable for your home or other properties?

In Finland, you can find a sauna to rent nearly anywhere. There are fantastic saunas in all kinds of locations, from the tops of tall buildings overlooking the city, to private islands far from the bustling crowds. Floating saunas and saunas built on jetties or along shorelines incorporate pure water as a part of sauna bathing. Sauna trailers, on the other hand, allow you to bring along a source of wellness, the sauna, wherever you would like to go.


Finnish home saunas

Saunas can be found in nearly every house and apartment built in Finland since the 1970s, even in studio apartments. Homes in apartment buildings and rowhouses often feature a small, compact sauna with an electric heater. Nearly every single-family house has its own sauna, and it has become a trend to construct a wood-burning sauna in the yard in addition to an indoor electric sauna. Apartment buildings also commonly include a shared sauna that tenants can reserve. Read more about the Finnish home sauna experience.


Summer cottage saunas

Finns love to spend time at their cottages, which are generally located at the edge of a lake or pond and are always surrounded by nature. It’s estimated that there are about 220,000 cottages in Finland. And while at the cottage, the most popular activity is sauna bathing. The process of heating the sauna is an essential part of cottage living, as is sitting on the terrace and enjoying the landscape after taking a sauna. Spending time at the cottage is also about family bonds, a sense of community, and shared activities. It’s a relaxing counterbalance to the demands of everyday life, and for many Finns, a visit to the family cottage is more rewarding than traveling abroad.

Hawkhill Resort

Backyard saunas

In recent years, it’s become popular to build freestanding saunas in the yard at home. Backyard saunas are especially favored by families who don’t own a summer cottage. Backyard saunas are ideal for single-family homes with a large yard, and they can be a wonderful addition to a backyard swimming pool. These kinds of saunas are also constructed for collective use, such as by sauna societies or to be shared among an extended family. This allows more people to take advantage of and enjoy the sauna.

hetki sauna
Hetki Sauna

Backyard saunas are generally wood-burning, so it’s important to carefully consider where in the yard the sauna will be located and to ask permission from local authorities and neighbors — you’ll want to be sure that the smoke from the heater doesn’t disturb anyone. Backyard saunas are available in a variety of sizes and materials, and their designs are being updated and improved all the time. Some backyard saunas are even mobile and can be moved from place to place, if desired. Read more about the outdoor sauna experience.

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