Sauna from Finland answers the increasing global demand of authentic sauna solutions with the handbook that guides the reader step-by-step to the secrets of high-quality sauna experience design.

Inspiring articles about Finnish sauna experiences. Tangible tips for building and maintaining a Finnish sauna. Ideas for sauna products and service models. Detailed quality criteria to utilize. These are the elements of which the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook is made of. The handbook was originally released in Finnish in 2020 (org. Aidon suomalaisen saunaelämyksen laatukäsikirja) and has been widely popular among the Finnish sauna service providers.

“We worked hard to gather all the essential information about creating a high-quality Finnish sauna service into a comprehensive, understandable form. Our purpose is to offer a completely new point-of-view to building and providing a sauna service. We think it’s time to update the Finnish sauna experience to match the needs of the 21st century customer who values health and wellbeing, authenticity, responsibility, and positively unforgettable experiences,” says Elina Heininen, the Communications and Event Manager at Sauna from Finland.

The book honors the Finnish sauna culture, acknowledged also now by UNESCO, and introduces new, modern, and up-to-date Finnish sauna experience designs, as we are aware of the demands of a global customer who is looking for new ways to take of the wellbeing. And that’s what’s so great about the Finnish sauna – it can be built for all kinds of tastes and preferences.

While the authentic sauna solutions constantly increase in demand, sauna service providers can stand out from their competitors by offering authentic and carefully-thought sauna experiences for their clients. Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook helps to create high-quality Finnish sauna experiences which match both the environment and the needs of different customer groups. The book guides in building a sauna experience into an urban environment, in the middle of nature, in a spa, or in a unique, funny way that has never been seen before. It gives ideas for e.g. beauty-treatments during a sauna, recovery in sauna after sports, and new sauna-related technology solutions.

Whether the reader is in the phase of planning and designing their future service, adding a sauna to their selection, or interested to develop their service into a more enjoyable and of high-quality, this handbook will be of use for them.

Photo: Anna Ruotanen
The quality criteria for an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience

The handbook doesn’t only offer tips and instructions for designing and building a Finnish sauna – it also features the quality criteria for the authentic Finnish sauna experience. This criteria relies on the eight Core Values of a Finnish sauna experience, defined by Sauna from Finland:

1) authenticity, 2) multisensoriality, 3) presence & relaxation, 4) wellbeing & health, 5) contrast to everyday life, 6) cleanliness, 7) safety, and 8) responsibility.

The values base on profound scientific research as well as on customer surveys. When the sauna meets the quality criteria presented in the handbook, and the Sauna from Finland auditors accept it as a high-quality sauna service, the service provider can be granted the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate.
“Basically the handbook prepares the reader for the quality certificate, because it lists all the criteria our auditor will go through when inspecting the sauna service. Service provider can test their sauna service completely relying on the handbook and check tips for improvement if some criterion is not fulfilled,” Heininen says.

Inspiration and information for sauna retailers and wellness marketers

In addition to supporting service providers in creating sauna experiences, the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook also gives updated information about the sauna field and new ideas for sauna-related communication and marketing. Therefore, it is useful for Finnish sauna builders and retailers, too.

This is the book which every sauna owner, sauna enthusiast, and sauna retailer should have. It gives a lot to everyone interested in the topic and even if you don’t directly offer a sauna service, you’ll still benefit from this knowledge and can use it to spark up your sauna marketing.

“It’s a small investment that definitely pays back in a form of new ideas and inspiration,” Heininen confirms. The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook is now available with worldwide shopping at Sauna from Finland’s member Veico’s online shop. Order the book now for 79€ (+ shipping fee).

Contact Sauna from Finland for inquiries about retailing and other information [email protected].

Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook

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