Sauna from Finland has nominated British Jake Newport as the new Sauna Ambassador. Mr. Newport has been an active promoter of the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience concept. Together with his brother and team, he has built a successful sauna business.

Jake Newport received the award of Sauna Ambassador at Sauna from Finland’s international meeting for its members on the 8th of June. Mr. Newport gave a speech about the sauna market in the United Kingdom, after the presentation by Mika Meskanen from British Sauna Society. This is the second time Sauna from Finland awards the Sauna Ambassador honorary title to a non-Finn. Jake Newport is the Managing Director of UK based Finnmark Sauna ( Finnmark Ltd. provides authentic Finnish sauna experiences to the Brits who are familiar with saunas found mostly in health clubs.

Finnmark Sauna on a mission of education

Satu Freyberg, Head of International Marketing in Sauna from Finland network, says that Jake Newport has successfully promoted Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience concept as well as its benefits to people in the UK. Additionally, Jake Newport has been a guest speaker in the international World Sauna Forum event. Mr. Newport works closely with numerous Finnish SMEs by helping them to enter the UK market and to create business opportunities. Finnmark, the family-run, ambitious company was founded by two brothers, Jake and Max Newport. It all started with frustration that only a few saunas outside of Finland are credible authentic Finnish sauna experiences. Finnmark’s business mission has three aspects:

  1. Educating everyone on how to build and use a sauna properly.
  2. Showing people how to get the most from a Finnish sauna.
  3. Make the wide range of health benefits frequent sauna use brings publicly known.

The company’s ambition is to make sauna bathing a remaining trend in the UK, as it is in Finland. They do this by importing traditional Finnish materials to create authentic experiences. Read more.

Jake Newport in World Sauna Forum 2018

Previous Sauna from Finland Sauna Ambassadors: Seth Ascetic Manager and Founder of Taiwan Sauna Association, Karl Chi, sauna concept developer Ville Iivonen, Ruka tourism developer Marjo Määttä, Jyväskylä City Mayor Markku Andersson, Creative Industry Developer Diges managing director Pekka Krook, and shoe and clothing designer Aki Choklat.

What is Sauna from Finland?

Sauna from Finland is a network founded in the year 2011. The network promotes the business of companies within the sauna experience field. It also assists hotels and spas around the world to implement an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience – from beginning to end. The association grants the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate for high-quality sauna services. The certificate shows that the sauna service follows the criteria stated in the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook. Sauna from Finland organizes annually the B2B event dedicated to Finnish sauna business, World Sauna Forum. The network includes over 200 member companies and experts promoting the Finnish sauna experience globally.

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