“You can pack rye bread in your luggage, but not the sauna.” This is how Janne Oksanen, the man behind the recently launched Hetki sauna, describes how he missed the Finnish sauna while living abroad with his family. Although the brand-new Hetki sauna does not fit in the luggage, it still is a good solution if you long for a personalized high-quality sauna experience in your own home garden.

Hetki Finland is the newest addition to the group of Finnish companies that build and export saunas for customers outside of Finland. Hetki stands out from others with its turnkey solution. It means that the customer gets the sauna in their home yard ready-made. The time between receiving the sauna and enjoying the authentic feeling of Finnish sauna is remarkably shorter because of Hetki’s service design and the precisely measured size of the sauna. Hetki Finland guarantees that Hetki sauna fits into a normal truck and container and thus it is easy to ship anywhere in the world, ready-made.

“In many cases the outdoor saunas that are delivered internationally come in multiple pieces, so the customer should build the sauna or hire someone to do the job. This is inevitable if the sauna is big, of course, but Hetki sauna is an option for all of us who prefer effortless solutions and wish to be certain to get the authentic Finnish sauna experience,” Oksanen explains about the innovation.

Proudly from Finland

Janne Oksanen thinks that the sauna culture in Finland is one of the strongest in the world. There is a lot of knowledge on how to build high-quality Finnish saunas. Therefore, it was self-evident that the design and production of Hetki saunas must happen in Finland. This is one big aspect of the high-quality value of the company. But the quality assurance does not end in the country of origin. The construction materials need to be the best ones as well. The design team of Hetki Finland carefully compared the materials of outdoor construction and decided that log sauna is the way to go. Oksanen compliments the material for its health benefits and longevity.

“Apart from the roof, door, and window, the whole sauna is built of quality wood.”

hetki log corner
The details in Hetki Sauna are impeccable.

Oksanen has tried numerous amazing saunas in Finland and abroad. However, he finds that his favorite sauna memories are related to the family’s home sauna. Hetki also offers these personal sauna moments. The customer will feel at home when sitting in Hetki outdoor sauna. Apart from the size, the look of the sauna is customizable according to own preferences.

“We make every sauna after the order to assure that it is exactly what the customer wants. Our service and product are Finnish premium quality. We are excited to spread the feeling of wellness, one Hetki sauna at a time.”

hetki night
Hetki fits perfectly into urban and modern environments.

Read more about Hetki outdoor saunas here.

Janne Oksanen
Hetki Finland
[email protected]

The news article in collaboration with Sauna from Finland member, Hetki Finland.
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