World Sauna Forum on June 7th in Tampere attracts international wellness business leaders and media.

“The Finnish sauna is an exotic experience for people from outside Finland. However, it is the most common thing for us Finns. The Finnish sauna is trending globally, and it fascinates the decision makers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and media in the wellbeing sector. International companies want new partners. They also want to experience diverse saunas,” says Carita Harju, Executive Director of the event organizer, Sauna from Finland. Around 300 guests from 14 different countries have registered for World Sauna Forum.

During the couple of past Covid years the meaning of wellbeing – both physical and mental – has peaked.

“The interest for the importance of the Finnish sauna culture in everyday wellbeing has been clearly growing in Great Britain. The private saunas are still a rarity in Great Britain. The public saunas have some room for improvement as well,” says one of the event guests, Pirjo Pellinen. She is the Special Adviser for Culture and Public Diplomacy at the Embassy of Finland.

The Embassy of Finland in London brings along a group of journalists, such as a representative of Sunday Times Magazine. “Is sauna one reason Finns being the happiest nation in the world for the fifth time in a row? This and many other questions the media representatives wish to get answered during their week-long trip in Tampere and Helsinki. Our wish is that they return to Great Britain as fans and ambassadors of Finland,” Pellinen emphasizes.

Finnish Embassy Staff photo – Photographed in London on 02/12/2021

The Finnish sauna intrigues both business and science.

World Sauna Forum programme consists of speakers who represent different perspectives on sauna bathing. Media persona and “love doctor” Emilia Vuorisalmi introduces guests to the effects of sauna. How does the sauna impact on love hormones and why does the sauna make us healthier and happier? Matti Huotari from University of Oulu studies sauna bathing from the viewpoint of science and research. How are the health effects of the sauna measured? Martin Goldmann, Pioneer of Spa and Wellness Design and Founder of ASPA International reveals the attractiveness of the Finnish sauna. His speech is titled as “Finnish Sauna – the best kept secret”. Other speakers are:

  • Tapio Pajuharju, Harvia
  • Heikki Riitahuhta, Studio Puisto Group
  • Raoul Grünstein, Nordic Urban
  • Leena Turunen, Lapland Hotels

Maria Markus hosts the event.

The event will be held at Lapland Hotels Arena, Tampere on Tuesday June 7th, 2022.

In addition to the top speakers, participants get to experience the Finnish sauna. One of them being the rooftop sauna at Lapland Hotels Arena. The international guests meet sauna influencers and companies in Tampere, Helsinki, and Jyväskylä on Monday and Wednesday as well.

See the whole programme here.

Would you like to participate? Please, contact us before Friday June 3rd.

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