Tasteful by Sauna from Finland

The new concept aims to attach Finnish grocery and tableware companies to the sauna experience. The cooperation creates new products and recipes for the international markets.

Food, drinks, and cooking are an important part of the Finnish sauna experience. Flavors and beautiful food presentation complement the relaxing and nurturing sauna bathing. The multisensoriality and uniqueness of the sauna experience is enhanced through tastes.

” Most Finns enjoy food and drinks as part of the sauna experience. Many like to sip a drink while sitting in the sauna or snack something while cooling off. Dinner enjoyed after sauna tastes especially delicious,” says Carita Harju, the Executive Manager of Sauna from Finland. ” The flavours are an important part of making the sauna experience memorable and exquisite. One of the goals of Tasteful by Sauna from Finland is to highlight eating as part of the sauna experience.

The products and ingredients used during the sauna experience can be altered for many tastes. Athletic sauna bathers can enjoy something that helps to recover after sports, such as electrolyte drinks and protein-rich food. Ones who like to pamper themselves can have a vitamin-rich smoothie or delicious sauna tapas. Berries, nuts and even ice cream are a great during or after-sauna snack for children.

” The variety of foods and drinks in Finland is huge, and companies are eager to innovate new products. Every kind of sauna bather will surely find something for their need. Sauna service providers can build a menu that fits the specific sauna environment,” says Harju. ” Delicious foods and refreshing drinks help the sauna service to stand out and of course, and most importantly, take care of sauna bathers’ nutrition and water balance.”

Sharing the Finnish Flavors with the World

Sauna tapas
Sauna Tapas

Tasteful by Sauna from Finland aims to gather and activate Finnish grocery, kitchenware and tableware companies interested in developing their export to the international markets by attaching their products to the Finnish sauna experience. The concept allows the generating of new foods, drinks, packaging and serving options to be part of sauna products and services, such as Sauna Gift Boxes, sauna picnic baskets and menus for hotels and spas who offer Finnish sauna. The goal is also to create sauna-themed products and menus tailored for specific customers who look for authentic Finnish flavors to complete their sauna services.

” We have consulted sauna service providers for years and are excited to offer them even more comprehensive sauna experience consultation with the support of Tasteful by Sauna from Finland concept. Many service providers want to distinguish from others by offering the customers a complete Finnish lifestyle experience instead of just a separate sauna. It creates quality and memorability to the whole service,” says Satu Freyberg, the Head of International Marketing at Sauna from Finland.

As part of the launch of Tasteful by Sauna from Finland, the association is now looking for hotels, spas, and resorts who would like to incorporate Finnish recipes, products, and tableware to their sauna services.

” We would be happy to help any sauna service provider from all parts of the world to offer their clients and customers a high-quality and comprehensive Finnish lifestyle experience with sauna and foods. Successful lifestyle experiences will lure in more customers and increase customer loyalty remarkably.”

Read here how the first Tasteful by Sauna from Finland workshop went.

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Sauna Drinks
Sauna Drinks

If you’re interested in even one of the options below, please send us an email or give us a call. We’d be happy to tell you more!

  • Creating an authentic Finnish Sauna experience to your premises (building a new sauna or updating an existing one)
  • Offering your customers real Finnish flavors, such as snacks, drinks or complete Finland-themed menus
  • Handing out gift boxes or baskets to use during your service which contain Finnish sauna and grocery products
  • Generating new ideas on how to implement the authentic Finnish lifestyle (with sauna in the core) to your new or existing business

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