The annual international networking event World Sauna Forum takes place on December 3-4, 2020. For the first time ever it happens online and the event organized by Sauna from Finland is free of charge. World Sauna Forum is open for registration to anyone interested in the authentic Finnish sauna experience or working within the related field.

The importance and necessity of the Finnish sauna keep growing globally. During the era of the pandemic people are looking for ways to increase their well-being in the daily life. The Finnish sauna offers exactly what is in demand in the global markets. World Sauna Forum is the biggest B2B event focusing on Finnish sauna. Since 2017 it has annually gathered the operators working in the field to discuss about the potentials of the Finnish sauna and its future trends, and also to find new business relations, and partnerships.

Photo: Anna Ruotanen / World Sauna Forum 2019

“In spring we had to make the decision to cancel World Sauna Forum 2020 due to the Covid19 pandemic. After the announcement, we kept on receiving many questions about the event so we realized that World Sauna is actually more needed than ever. The Finnish sauna has never been in higher demand because many hotels, spas, gyms, and consumers around the world are looking for a place for taking care of their well-being in the middle of the hectic life,” says Elina Heininen, the head coordinator of World Sauna Forum and the communications and event manager of Sauna from Finland.

World Sauna Forum 2020 allows you to take a sauna from your home couch

Heininen is excited to announce that World Sauna Forum 2020 is arranged after all – this time remotely though.

”We decided to move the event online. This is the right way to bring the Finnish sauna and Finland for a global audience. World Sauna Forum 2020 Virtual Event takes the Finnish sauna into the limelight and makes it reachable for everyone around the world.”

The event has grown every year and received a big amount of international attention. “World Sauna Forum is known as an event in which the Finnish sauna is approached from the business point of view, but it is not only that. It also offers unique and unforgettable experiences. Even though this year we are not able to offer the live experience we still can produce unique content online. The participants get to have the feeling of the Finnish sauna experience from their home couch,” Heininen tells cheerfully.’

Two days, 12 different sauna experiences

World Sauna Forum 2020 Virtual Event offers its participants information, facts, opinions, and experiences about different aspects of the Finnish sauna experience. The event consists of 12 interviews of Finnish and international speakers who have a special relationship with the Finnish sauna. You get to hear for example scientific basis on the health benefits of sauna, the global market potential of it, and how you can get the authentic Finnish sauna experience yourself. You will get tips and inspiration on designing your own sauna and how to build it into a unique experience, not forgetting all the accessories, cosmetics, and textiles that belong in it. Locations of the non-remote interviews are beautiful and exotic sauna related areas in Finland. You have the chance to travel remotely to Finland and see how we “think inside the box”.

The programme of World Sauna Forum 2020 Virtual Event includes speakers like
  • Jasper Pääkkönen, internationally celebrated actor & sauna entrepreneur
  • Tapio Pajuharju, CEO of the global market leader Harvia Group Oyj, with Adrian Guckelsberger, Sales director of EOS
  • Mari Eder, World Cup level biathlete
  • Hans Hägglund, the “sauna doctor”, adjunct professor at Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University
  • Samu Haber, Entertainment entrepreneur

Check the whole programme at

World Sauna Forum 2020 Virtual Event takes place on November 3-4, 2020. In this worldwide event participants can join the video stream at any time of the event days. The videos are available for watching for 24 hours after the event. More information is published on and on World Sauna Forum Facebook page.

Register for the event for free here!

World Sauna Forum 2020 Virtual Event in co-operation with: interbad2021, Harvia, Cariitti, Nordic Sauna, Finnmark Sauna, SnowPanda Education and Research Consortium SERC, Creative Finland, Visit Jyväskylä, Visit Tampere and Karhu.

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