Original Sokos Hotel Valjus has men’s and women’s saunas and a rental sauna, for example for groups. These sauna premises have been renewed completely in spring 2022. The results were revealed in July for the first time.

In the renovation of the whole sauna experience, this time the focus was not only on the saunas, but a large part of the rooms and some of the hotel’s appearance were also renovated. For this reason, the whole project took about half a year. Hotel manager Tiina Rimpiläinen already had experience in developing the sauna experience, as the Vuokatti hotel’s lakeside sauna also received the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate this year. This development work had left a particularly valuable experience, and in Rimpiläinen’s opinion, especially the cooperation with the sauna auditor Carita Harju has been wonderful. Rimpiläinen adds that it only took a couple of weeks to develop the sauna to a high-quality experience in Valjus, when the focus was on doing the right things.

Along with the renovation of the hotel, one sauna was added to the experience

As a result of the cooperation between Sauna from Finland and the Original by Sokos Hotels chain, the sauna experience of more than twenty Sokos Hotels has already received the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate issued by Sauna from Finland, which signals a high-quality and well-thought-out customer experience. Original Sokos Hotel Valjus in Kajaani will now be added to this group, which had the opportunity to get the sauna certificate after the renovation of the hotel.

The most important improvement made possible by the renovation of the hotel was the construction of the women’s sauna. Next to the saunas, there is a new lounge area where you can cool off and a new fitness room. The goal for all saunas was good ventilation, pleasant steams, and a comfortable and calming environment. In Rimpiläinen’s opinion, these goals were achieved brilliantly. The sauna facilities are now very stylish and comfortable, and customer feedback at least does not contradict this statement. The feedback after sauna experiences has been positive. Tiina Rimpiläinen says that the hotel’s saunas are heavily used.

“During the renovation, the saunas were out of use. For this reason, some customers have chosen another hotel. Saunas are therefore a really important part of the whole.”

Sokos Hotel Valjus, Kajaani

Towards more sustainable sauna experiences

The hotel strives to continuously develop its sauna premises according to the customer feedback it receives. In the sauna experience, special attention is also given to the requirements of the Green Key label. This means that the service path produces as few harmful effects on the environment as possible. The hotel is thus involved in promoting sustainable tourism.

The ecological sauna experience aims to save and use energy, natural resources, and materials efficiently. Recycling is taken care of, for example, by avoiding single-use products or choosing compostable alternatives. A properly sized heater for the sauna room also saves energy.

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