Lapland Hotels Oulu was granted the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience URBAN Quality Certificate on 9 September 2022 as a thank you for its development work of the customer path. Sauna from Finland’s Sauna Auditor and Executive Director Carita Harju handed the quality certificate for the hotel.

The themes in the hotel chain’s sauna and spa areas follow the name of the chain. The sauna premises of Lapland Hotels Oulu already had Lapland-themed decoration and atmosphere. The washing room and the sauna are covered with natural elements, such as wood and reindeer hides. Lapland Hotels Oulu’s own additional specialty has a big swimming pool as part of the sauna experience. The only development points mostly focused on the flow of the customer path.

“Moving forward and continuous development are important functions for our hotel. We wanted our customers to have an experience in the sauna premises that works even better. I, personally, happen to be a sauna fanatic, so the development felt especially meaningful,” reveals the Hotel Manager of Lapland Hotels Oulu, Pentti Säkkinen.

A personal interest is usually a key aspect in developing sauna experiences

The development work continued all summer of 2022 and the hotel staff had support for fulfilling the quality criteria through remote meetings from Sauna Auditor Carita Harju. Ms. Harju praises the hotel staff’s independent way of working and the respect for details. “It was great to see the staff’s own excitement toward sauna bathing and developing its quality. When the attitude and interest are in place, the results often according to that,” Ms Harju mentions.

According to Mr. Säkkinen, the model for service development of Sauna from Finland is interesting. It starts with analyzing the sauna path and thinking through each step. He says that he learnt a lot about how to improve the quality of the service path. Although each step builds the whole experience, the details make it perfect in the end. For example, storage lockers for customers’ valuables were added in the sauna premises of Lapland Hotels Oulu. The lounge and cooling off area needed some flavored water and a guest book for sauna bathers to fill. The book helps to gather feedback for further development and, well, it is always nice to get some positive feedback too!

Lapland Hotels chain takes sauna bathing seriously

In addition to the customer saunas, the Premium rooms and the suite of the hotel have private room saunas which is characteristic of Lapland Hotels chain. Mr. Säkkinen says that sauna bathing is strongly attached to the Lapland-theme and the saunas are often used by the customer of Lapland Hotels Oulu.

Lapland Hotels Oulu is now the fourth chain’s hotel to receive the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate. Besides Oulu, also the hotel at Bulevardi, Helsinki and the two Lapland Hotels at Tampere have quality certificates.

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