Peat sauna bathing in Ainola’s Metsäkansa harmony sensitizes you to sense the moments and true, lightening the body and mind, while softening the skin and deepening your sleep. The method combines the tradition of peat baths from Central Europe with Finnish bathing and insights from MD Leena Larva, who specializes in gynecology.

The SUOMAA sauna experience is a continuation of thoughtful details based on temperature, cleanliness, safety and customer-oriented service. The entity is carefully designed. Protecting the walls and benches with absorbent natural material ensures sufficient humidity for the peat sauna.

The bather works with joy, guiding and helping, keeping in mind the mood of every sauna goer, not forgetting that the experience comes from all senses and that a smile enhances the feeling of happiness.

Art is a central element supporting a successful peat treatment

Wellbeing through all your senses (R)

Art is a central part of the SUOMAA-peat sauna. Art in sauna premises relaxes even before the sauna. Hearing is sensitized in an unfamiliar environment – silence speaks to you. You can also listen to your favourite music. The health benefits of art have been shown in studies. (Boinkum Benson Konlaan, Lars Olov Bygren and Sven-Erik Johansson, ‘Visiting the Cinema, Concerts, Museums or Art Exhibitions as Determinant of Survival: A Swedish Fourteen-Year Cohort Follow-Up’, Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 28, 2000, pp. 174–78., Kulttuurikokemukset ja terveys, 2000): People who regularly attended art exhibitions, museums and events became ill less frequently.

Unique Finnish SUOMAA treatment peat

Our treatment peat bogs were born thousands of years ago, some already before the Ice Age. The treatment peat is cut from the deepest layers, where the thriving flora that lived thousands of years ago have decomposed into a soft mass. When the peat is drawn from the bog, the peat is a sterile, yellowish mass, such as soft butter, which becomes very dark when it gets in contact with air. Bacteria, fungi and viruses do not live in peat, and this property remains even after drawing.

Finnish SUOMAA-treatment peat sticks well to the skin due to its greasy texture. It works best when combined with a humid sauna. Peat affects the bloodstream like Heparin (a medicine used to prevent blood clotting) and destroys herpes virus. The health promoting and improving effects of peat are combined with the effects of humus and humic acids.

Treatment peat sauna SUOMAA relaxes, relieves pains and improves lymphatic circulation

MD Leena Larva claims, based on her own experience, that a general muscle stiffness slows down lymphatic circulation. Exercise is the engine of the lymphatic circulation, but also the treatment peat spread on your skins improves it. Many saunagoers tell that they can feel a flowing bubbling after the peat sauna.

According to studies by Aino Klinikka, the SUOMAA treatment peat sauna also alleviates menopausal problems such as sweating, sleep disorders, depressed mood, reluctance and low energy. Traditionally, it is claimed that peat helps with a hundred ailments. The velvety softness of the skin after peat sauna and the lightness of the body is a familiar feeling for all saunagoers.

SUOMAA-peat sauna is a guided, social treatment event that also aims to increase the feeling of happiness.

A guided sauna treatment takes about three hours, including the initial and final relaxation. SUOMAA provides the visitor everything they need: the sauna textiles, a robe, slippers, water/tea and some salty snacks. Trained SUOMAA professionals are there with you during the whole treatment when they can guarantee a tested, safe and health promoting treatment experience.

Reserve enough time to relax in sauna, as rush takes away the relaxing effect. For athletes, the SUOMAA-sauna experience helps boost recovery.

Leena Larva describes the perfect sauna experience as follows:
“For me, the sauna experience is slow, moderate and without time limits. The perfect experience consists of cleanliness, nature and a view over a lake or a sea. Leave your hurries behind.”

SUOMAA peat sauna experience

  • A health sauna experience developed by MD Leena Larva, based on the history and physiological insights of peat treatments
  • A Finnish method and experience of treating ailments without medication
  • A guided, social, relaxing and pain-relieving treatment that boosts your lymphatic circulation
  • The session takes 2-3 hours and it is realized in regulated circumstances. Can be combined with other treatments as a treatment continuum following the SUOMAA concept.

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