Finnsauna represents selected Finnish sauna product manufacturers offering innovative sauna-bathing solutions and stylish Finnish design for both private and public sector. The company’s mission is to create an individually indulging sauna bathing experience and it is searching for new trade partners that are interested in their offering which includes for example:

Mondex sauna heaters

Mondex offers a wide assortment of sauna heaters for many types of saunas and bathers. In order to create a gentle heat and long-lasting steam, all Mondex heaters are equipped with a big stone compartment. You find pillar heaters, wall mounted heaters, heaters with perfect integration to the benches, corner mounted heaters, heaters with quick heating time, natural rustic style heaters and soap stone heaters.

Duetto infrared heaters

The Duetto infrared heaters are versatile as they also offer the option of being mounted in a sauna with a traditional sauna heater. The soothing heat comes evenly from the whole front glass of the heater. Made of glass the front is easy to clean. The Duetto infrared heaters are popular both in private homes as well as in public fitness clubs.

Sauna panel

The real veneer sauna panel is an impressive modern and a durable solution for sauna walls and sauna ceiling. The surface of the panel is alternatively made of real ash wood or walnut veneer in which you see the beautiful wood structure. The core of the panel is of strong poplar plywood. The panels are easy and quick to install as the panels do not bend and are very accurate in their sizes.

KOLO sauna accessories

The stylish KOLO sauna accessories product line is characterized by its functionality and its Nordic style of simplicity. The metal parts of the accessories are made of highquality aluminum and wooden parts of bamboo. Made of aluminum the KOLO buckets are extremely durable and unlike buckets of steel, they won’t get burning hot in a sauna. The base colors black or white suit the interior and heaters of most saunas.


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Finnsauna's wide range of sauna products covers saunas, sauna heaters, infrared heaters, sauna building materials, sauna accessories and sauna textiles.


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