Maria Nystedt is a project manager at Raison d’Etre, one of the leading spa consulting and spa management companies. Originally from Finland, today she lives and works in Palma, Mallorca. Maria Nystedt is a Finn, so the sauna is tightly connected to Maria’s family, childhood, and lifestyle.

Maria says that Finnish sauna has benefits on many levels: relaxation, mental benefits, physical benefits, and social benefits. To communicate these benefits, we also need to educate people on how to use sauna, because in Finland we often take these things for granted. People can be scared or hesitant about sauna, but instead of warning signs we should use more positive signage and leaflets to explain how you should feel in sauna. Same goes for the hot and cold alteration; the LivNordic spas on board with the Viking cruise ships have a special snow room as a cold experience and guided sauna bathing evenings to introduce to guests how it is used.

According to Maria Nystedt, the Finnish sauna plays a significant role in the global wellness industry. People are looking for natural ways to boost their immune system and a more comprehensive approach to wellness. Finnish sauna experience is authentic and recognizable, we have certain standards regarding for example the heat and humidity. People want the real thing, and it is important to stay authentic.

See what else Maria said about the role of Finnish sauna in wellness industry:

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